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УРОКИ английского, иврита, идиш, немецкого, французского, чешского, шведского, испанского, итальянского, португальского, латинского, греческих, венгерского, японского, китайского, хинди, турецкого, арабского, сербского, польского, украинского, русского и др. языков 972-54-5466290, в т.ч. дистанционно. Вот 10 причин учиться у нас

ТЕСТЫ ПО АНГЛИЙСКОМУ ЯЗЫКУ ДЛЯ VII УРОВНЯ обучения. Часть 1 (есть еще часть 2)

Русский, украинский, польский, чешский, сербский, болгарский и др. славянские языки

Немецкий, идиш, датский, шведский, исландский, нидерландский, африкаанс и др. германские языки

Французский, испанский, итальянский, румынский, португальский и др. романские языки

Латинский и др. италийские языки

Индоиранские языки

Литовский и др. балтийские языки

Ирландский язык

Прочие индо-европейские языки

Финский, венгерский и др. уральские языки

Грузинский и др. кавказские языки

Иврит, арабский и др. семито-хамитские языки

Турецкий, татарский, казахский, монгольский и др. алтайские языки

Китайско-тибетские языки

Японский, рюкюский и корейский языки

Индейские языки

Остальные естественные языки

Еврейские языки разных семей

Искусственные языки
Choose the suitable word

7-1. Once upon a time … lived a beautiful princess.

(a) anywhere (b) there (c) where (d) roundabout (e) presumably
7-2. He … into the river to test the current.

(a) waded (b) weeded (c) wagged (d) vowed (e) weed
7-3. Guesthouse rooms must be ... by noon.

(a) vacated (b) abandoned (c) implicated (d) distorted (e) liberated
7-4. The policeman wishes to interrogate the … .

(a) suspension (b) suspect (c) suspicion (d) sustained (e) suspense
7-5. On … Day the nation pays tribute to those who sacrificed their lives in defence of our country.

(a) Remember (b) Remembering (c) Remembered (d) Remembrance (e) Memory
7-6. Although he claims to have helped a lot, his contribution has been quite … .

(a) significant (b) significantly (c) significance (d) insignificant (e) insignificance
7-7. Go out and get involved! Being … won’t get you anywhere.

(a) activist (b) inactive (c) activate (d) inactivity (e) actively
7-8. The shore patrol has found the body of a man … they believe to be the missing marine biologist.

(a) which (b) who (c) that (d) when (e) whom
7-9. Take an umbrella in case it … !

(a) will rain (b) rained (c) rains (d) would rain (e) rainy
7-10. I can't stand … in fine weather.

(a) walking (b) to walk (c) walked (d) walk (e) to walking
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7-11. If the bomb had exploded it could ... have killed hundreds of people.

(a) might (b) equally (c) well (d) yet (e) badly
7-12. A lot … to the house before we can move in.

(a) needs (b) needs to do (c) needs done (d) needs doing (e) needs be doing
7-13. I would eat … 24/7 if I could get away with it.

(a) desert (b) dessert (c) deserts (d) assert (e) resorts
7-14. Climate may vary considerably, depending on the … .

(a) jurisdiction (b) disparity (c) distraction (d) incision (e) elevation
7-15. Now the glaciers are gone, perhaps a casualty of the global … trend.

(a) heating (b) warming (c) cooling (d) freezing (e) erosion
7-16. The Milky Way is one of a … of perhaps 19 galaxies referred to as the Local Group by astronomers.

(a) cluster (b) blaze (c) planet (d) crumb (e) blizzard
7-17. Advanced computer technology has made it possible to … robots with a sense of touch.

(a) handle (b) scan (c) endow (d) scroll (e) query
7-18. The old man’s … has finally come true.

(a) wreath (b) enhancement (c) dominance (d) consistency (e) prophecy
7-19. Some painters … nature to fit their own scheme of design.

(a) distort (b) conceive (c) donate (d) deduct (e) disconnect
7-20. The product’s apparent success resulted in a … of international interest.

(a) passion (b) surge (c) haven (d) yoke (e) highness
7-21. Newspaper and magazine journalism tends to … deaf people as victims.

(a) isolate (b) guide (c) thrash (d) depict (e) outdo
7-22. We spent at least three hours at the airport waiting … .

(a) the plane to leave (b) for the plane’s leave (c) for the plane to leave (d) for the plane leaving (e) for the plane leave
7-23. My mother carries off her … well.

(a) age (b) award (c) aim (d) array (e) ache
7-24. I am head over … in love.

(a) ears (b) eyes (c) elbows (d) eyebrows (e) engaged
7-25. This is … the question. It’s simply unthinkable.

(a) away from (b) except for (c) different from (d) out of (e) down on
7-26. At first the policeman was scared but some minutes later he was well … hand again.

(a) at (b) with (c) by (d) on (e) in
7-27. Her fiancé takes her … nearly every weekend.

(a) off (b) over (c) out (d) up (e) with

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