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ТЕСТЫ по АНГЛИЙСКОМУ ЯЗЫКУ ДЛЯ VI ЭТАПА обучения. Часть 1 (см. также части 2 и 3)

Очные и дистанционные УРОКИ английского (не просто слова), немецкого, французского, испанского, итальянского, португальского, русского, украинского, польского, сербского, чешского, иврита, идиш, датского, нидерландского, греческих, латинского, хинди, финского, латышского, литовского, грузинского, арабского, турецкого, китайского, японского и др. языков в любых целях индивидуально, семейно, корпоративно. (972)54-5466290, groman.shlomo@gmail.com
главнаяновоетестызолотые правилавсе языки по алфавитус учителем или самому?авторметодикассылкиреклама на сайтсайт на иврите
Русский, украинский, польский, чешский и др. славянские языки

Немецкий, идиш, датский, шведский, исландский, нидерландский, африкаанс и др. германские языки

Французский, испанский, итальянский, португальский и др. романские языки

Латинский и др. италийские языки

Индоиранские языки

Литовский и др. балтийские языки

Ирландский язык

Прочие индо-европейские языки

Финский и др. языки уральской семьи

Грузинский и др. кавказские языки

Иврит, арабский и др. семито-хамитские языки

Турецкий и др. языки алтайской семьи

Китайско-тибетские языки

Японский, рюкюский и корейский языки

Индейские языки

Остальные естественные языки

Еврейские языки разных семей

Искусственные языки
Choose the suitable word

6-1. The amateur, … played the leading role, was a tremendous success.

(a) which (b) who (c) what (d) whom (e) that
6-2. The manager promised that the working team … the repairs by the next Friday.

(a) will finish (b) will have finished (c) would finish (d) finishes (e) would have finished
6-3. Had I asked the way beforehand, we … got lost.

(a) wouldn’t (b) wouldn’t have been (c) wouldn’t have (d) hadn’t (e) shouldn’t
6-4. He annoys his niece and nephew by treating them … they were little children.

(a) just like (b) as if (c) though (d) in case (e) supposed
6-5. The … of his conclusions has been confirmed repeatedly.

(a) trust (b) vengeance (c) reinforcement (d) validity (e) revolt
6-6. It’s time we … away with our examinations.

(a) make (b) do (c) did (d) made (e) ‘ll
6-7. Before going scuba diving, check your equipment in order to … the risks.

(a) minimum (b) minimize (c) minimal (d) minimally (e) minus
6-8. Most politicians seem to lack the … required for dealing with problems of their countries.

(a) integration (b) allegation (c) vision (d) accommodation (e) valuation
6-9. I wouldn’t like to go … a cruise. I think I’d get bored.

(a) on (b) in (c) to (d) at (e) for
6-10. "I know it's late, so I won’t ... you any longer", said the manager to his team.

(a) detain (b) hold up (c) withhold (d) retard (e) postpone
Франшиза интернет магазин женского нижнего белья nizhnee-belyo-spb.ru.

6-11. The servant girl … her master faithfully.
(a) waits (b) waits after (c) waits with (d) waits in (e) waits upon
6-12. As soon as the freshman … completed his assignment, he’ll be allowed to talk to his tutor.

(a) will (b) will have (c) is (d) would (e) has
6-13. The theater where Lincoln was shot ... .

(a) must restore (b) must be restoring (c) must have been restored (d) must restored (e) must have restored
6-14. Mary suggested that she … the bus instead of a street-car.

(a) takes (b) taken (c) taking (d) to take (e) take
6-15. If only I … my mouth shut yesterday!

(a) was keeping (b) had kept (c) have kept (d) kept (e) would keep
6-16. My uncle treats Jane as if she … a child.

(a) is (b) would be (c) being (d) was (e) were
6-17. After the assassination attempt, President’s doctor suggested that he … a short rest.

(a) will take (b) takes (c) take (d) must take (e) has taken
6-18. It’s high time you … some work!

(a) would do (b) should do (c) do (d) did (e) are doing
6-19. It is imperative that a graduate student … a grade point average of “B” in his major field.

(a) maintain (b) will maintain (c) maintains (d) would maintain (e) maintaining
6-20. Double stars orbit … .

(a) each to the other (b) each other (c) each about the other (d) about each other (e) themselves
6-21. It's the best film ... . You should go and see it.

(a) I've seen yet (b) I ever saw (c) I've already seen (d) I've ever seen (e) I've never seen
6-22. Many people remember being ... to the fair as a child.

(a) attended (b) visited (c) taken (d) shown (e) looked

См. также тесты для первого уровня (1 2 3), для второго (1 2 3 4), для третьего (1 2 3 4), для четвертого (1 2 3), для пятого (1 2 3), для седьмого (1 2), для восьмого (1 2) и др. материалы по изучению английского языка.
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