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Очные и дистанционные УРОКИ английского (не просто слова), немецкого, французского, испанского, итальянского, португальского, русского, украинского, польского, сербского, чешского, иврита, идиш, датского, нидерландского, греческих, латинского, хинди, финского, латышского, литовского, грузинского, арабского, турецкого, китайского, японского и др. языков в любых целях индивидуально, семейно, корпоративно. (972)54-5466290, groman.shlomo@gmail.com


главнаяновоетестысловаризолотые правиламетодика все языки по алфавитус учителем или без?автортребуются дать рекламусайт на иврите
Русский, украинский, польский, чешский, сербский, болгарский и др. славянские языки

Немецкий, идиш, датский, шведский, исландский, африкаанс, нидерландский и др. германские языки

Испанский, французский, итальянский, португальский и др. романские языки

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Индоиранские языки

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Прочие индоевропейские языки

Финский, венгерский и др. уральские языки

Грузинский и др. кавказские языки

Иврит, арабский и др. семито-хамитские языки

Турецкий и др. алтайские языки

Китайско-тибетские языки

Японский, рюкюский и корейский языки

Индейские языки

Остальные естественные языки

Еврейские языки разных семей

Искусственные языки
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Choose the suitable word

5-1. Providing that she … hard Kate will win the match.
(a) will train (b) would train (c) trains (d) trained (e) should train
5-2. Would you mind … him $5?

(a) lending (b) to lend (c) lend (d) be lending (e) lends
5-3. I wish I … her that.

(a) hadn’t said (b) haven’t said (c) don’t say (d) wouldn’t have said (e) doesn’t say
5-4. It may cost about $30 to have a tooth … .

(a) filling (b) filled (c) fill (d) to fill (e) fills
5-5. I know my hair wants … but I never have time to go to a beauty parlour.

(a) cutting (b) being cut (c) having cut (d) to cut (e) cut
5-6. … entering the house she calmly switched on the light.

(a) Without (b) At (c) Currently (d) On (e) When
5-7. Charlotte’s sweater makes her itch. It is too … .

(a) curse (b) coarse (c) course (d) cores (e) curious
5-8. Though this movie is a … of a film I enjoyed tremendously, I don’t like it at all.

(a) continue (b) continuous (c) continuity (d) continued (e) continuation
5-9. He's an outstanding live performer, his tunes are excellent. … the words can't be heard because the music is too loud.

(a) After all (b) The only trouble is (c) As a matter of the fact (d) On the whole (e) What's more
5-10. Joe was completely … in history lessons.

(a) bored (b) board (c) boar (d) bore (e) borrow
5-11. Some students are unable to … the principles of higher mathematics.

(a) undertake (b) regulate (c) imply (d) grasp (e) recruit
5-12. In order to reach an agreement, all sides will have to make some … .

(a) concedes (b) concepts (c) concessions (d) conceptions (e) conceals
5-13.There are usually a lot of parties … New Year’s eve.

(a) at (b) on (c) during (d) - (e) in
5-14. When was … abolished in the USA?

(a) slaves (b) slavery (c) slave (d) slavism (e) slam
5-15. Aren’t you afraid … spiders?

(a) from (b) – (c) off (d) of (e) at
5-16. It was … who blocked the way to the City Hall.

(a) them (b) they (c) themselves (d) theirs (e) their
5-17. I wonder if the spectators … seen such an impressive performance.

(a) have ever (b) had ever (c) have had (d) will have (e) would have
5-18. He … English since he was a little boy, but his studies were interrupted by the military service.

(a) has learned (b) has been learning (c) had learned (d) was learning (e) had been learning
5-19. I wish they wouldn't … so much time with unnecessary meetings.

(a) have (b) lose (c) take (d) put (e) waste

5-20. You can rely … her being honest.

(a) on (b) for (c) at (d) with (e) in
5-21. I am not very good … learning languages.

(a) for (b) at (c) in (d) along (e) with
5-22. When he arrived a crowd … for several hours to greet him.

(a) is waiting (b) has been waiting (c) had been waiting (d) waits (e) was waiting
5-23. He didn’t look while crossing the road. He … in a hurry.

(a) might be (b) must have been (c) had to be (d) should have been (e) ought have been
5-24. I … to Africa on business, it’s no way to refuse.

(a) am being sent (b) am sending (c) am sent (d) have sent (e) were sent
5-25. It is clearly desirable to develop a programming language that more closely … human communication.

(a) automates (b) differs (c) similar (d) resembles (e) wards

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