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магазин линз москва!
Choose the suitable word
4-1. A smart woman dressed in … proudly abandoned the session.
(a) red (b) a red (c) the red (d) reds (e) the reds
4-2. If he … the car immediately, the accident would have been avoided.

(a) stopped (b) had stopped (c) would have stopped (d) would stop (e) did stop
4-3. In spite … late she caught the bus.

(a) that it was (b) that she was (c) being (d) of being (e) of
4-4. I haven't heard from Jane for ages. I wonder how ... .

(a) she does (b) is she (c) she is (d) does she (e) she
4-5. The criminal was arrested for … goods in the shop and brought to the police station.

(a) steal (b) stolen (c) steals (d) stealing (e) thief
4-6. This athlete is believed to become … European champion in … hour.

(a) an / a (b) a / a (c) an / an (d) a / an (e) an / one
4-7. The secretary asked whether the postman had … .

(a) already came (b) yet come (c) already comes (d) come yet (e) already come
4-8. He … eaten something before leaving home.

(a) should (b) could (c) had to (d) ‘d better (e) ought to have
4-9. I met him ... accident the other day.

(a) on (b) along (c) by (d) at (e) during
4-10. I applied to Yale University, but they turned me … .

(a) down (b) off (c) away (d) out (e) over

4-11. My uncle goes on working … his age.

(a) although (b) in spite (c) spite (d) despite (e) despite of
4-12. He is interested … collecting stamps.

(a) in (b) for (c) at (d) with (e) while
4-13. You ought to … his work in a more constructive way.

(a) critic (b) criticism (c) criticize (d) critical (e) critically
4-14. … she was an hour late, she didn't apologize.

(a) In spite of (b) Even though (c) However (d) Because (e) Despite
4-15. Using the new telescope, we can … objects as small as 50 kilometres in diameter.

(a) attract (b) constitute (c) detect (d) propose (e) remote
4-16. Could you switch the light on, please? I hate sitting … the dark.

(a) at (b) when (c) on (d) by (e) in
4-17. Whenever a player gets hurt, a … takes his place.

(a) participant (b) substitute (c) recovery (d) reserve (e) renew
4-18. The ... we can observe in Scotland is magnificent.

(a) scent (b) setting (c) scenario (d) cent (e) scenery
4-19. Next year she will … high school.

(a) graduate from (b) end up (c) switch off (d) equal to (e) qualify as
4-20. The automobile … through the heavy traffic.

(a) lost (b) kneeled (c) parked (d) crept (e) inserted

4-21. Some people take tranquilizers or drink alcohol to help them … with the problems of modern life.

(a) break (b) cope (c) escape (d) tempt (e) trail
4-22. The party has been most … .

(a) success (b) successor (c) successive (d) successfully (e) successful
4-23. The sun was … behind the horizon.

(a) landing (b) falling (c) setting (d) sitting (e) sitting down
4-24. Objects that look … should be reported to the police.

(a) misunderstanding (b) apparent (c) mistrustful (d) suspicious (e) dishonest
4-25. In order to apply for the job, you should go to the … office.

(a) personnel (b) personal (c) personality (d) interview (e) productivity
4-26. I felt very … and depressed when I first went to live abroad.

(a) alone (b) own (c) sole (d) isolate (e) lonely
4-27. Israel achieved its … in 1948.

(a) independent (b) dependent (c) independently (d) independence (e) dependence
4-28. It’s impossible to keep track of all the scientific … that appear.

(a) publications (b) publishers (c) publicly (d) publishing (e) publicity
4-29. We have had to … the flight because of bad weather conditions.

(a) compensate (b) cancel (c) take off (d) give up (e) cease
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