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ТЕСТЫ ПО АНГЛИЙСКОМУ ЯЗЫКУ ДЛЯ III УРОВНЯ обучения. Часть 1 (см. 2, 3 и 4)

КУРСЫ иврита, идиш, английского, немецкого, французского, чешского, нидерландского, испанского, итальянского, латинского, ладино, греческих, японского, китайского, турецкого, арабского, польского, украинского, русского и др. языков 972-54-5466290, в т.ч. дистанционно. Вот 10 причин учиться у нас
главнаяновоетестысловаризолотые правиламетодика все языки по алфавитус учителем или без?автортребуются дать рекламусайт на иврите
Русский, украинский, польский, чешский, сербский, болгарский и др. славянские языки

Немецкий, идиш, датский, шведский, исландский, нидерландский, африкаанс и др. германские языки

Французский, испанский, итальянский, румынский, португальский и др. романские языки

Латинский и др. италийские языки

Фарси и др. индоиранские языки

Литовский, латышский и др. балтийские языки

Ирландский язык

Прочие индоевропейские языки

Финский, венгерский и др. уральские языки

Грузинский и др. кавказские языки

Иврит, арабский и др. семито-хамитские языки

Турецкий, татарский, казахский, монгольский и др. языки алтайской семьи

Китайско-тибетские языки

Японский, рюкюский и корейский языки

Индейские языки

Остальные естественные языки

Еврейские языки разных семей

Искусственные языки
Choose the suitable word

3-1. After he had moved to Patagonia he … in a cold climate pretty quickly.

(a) got used to living (b) is used to living (c) was used to living (d) used to living (e) used to live
3-2. We … go to Spain next year.

(a) would like (b) like (c) like to (d) would like to (e) would to
3-3. If you don't leave now you may … the bus and there isn't another one today.

(a) catch (b) save (c) miss (d) take (e) late
3-4. I ... go to the movies but I don't any more.

(a) use to (b) used to (c) was used (d) get used (e) am used
3-5. On their arrival to Mexico … purchased a small house in the suburbs of the capital.

(a) the Smith (b) Smith family (c) family Smiths (d) the Smiths (e) family Smith
3-6. I hope my plans don't interfere with ... .

(a) your (b) yours (c) yourself (d) you (e) your ones
3-7. Please write out the answers to the questions at the end of…

(a) eighth chapter. (b) eight chapter. (c) chapter eighth. (d) chapter the eight. (e) chapter eight.
3-8. After ... our classes she’d rather go home.

(a) finish (b) finished (c) finishing (d) to finish (e) finishes
3-9. We … for an hour and a half, and we are still going on.

(a) had been working (b) are working (c) have been working (d) work (e) were working
3-10. We … given two tickets for the movie, so we were able to see the film.

(a) have been (b) are being (c) have (d) had (e) are
3-11. If all the hotels are full you … phone this number.
(a) would better (b) would rather (c) had better (d) had rather (e) would have
3-12. If I … you I’d send for a doctor.

(a) was (b) be (c) am (d) would be (e) were
3-13. Jack's parents don't respect him, but his teacher ... .

(a) do (b) yes (c) too (d) does (e) respect
3-14. I ... like to give you some accommodation, but we haven't any free rooms.

(a) don't (b) 'd (c) wouldn't (d) so (e) do
3-15. She finally agreed to invite him … making inquiries about him.

(a) after (b) only (c) on (d) onto (e) occasionally
3-16. They are … of pop music.

(a) like (b) practise (c) hate (d) oppose (e) fond
3-17. The bus was so crowded that we could hardly get … .

(a) into (b) on (c) in (d) over (e) round
3-18. By next winter, my niece … all her exams.

(a) has passed (b) will pass (c) passes (d) will have passed (e) will be passed
3-19. Minor ... are common if you take part in dangerous sports.

(a) juniors (b) injuries (c) inquiries (d) hurts (e) rejects
3-20. She was looking … her notes.

(a) out (b) about (c) throat (d) tough (e) through
3-21. She is not … young as he used to think.

(a) than (b) at all (c) so (d) such (e) how
3-22. I am not used … driving fast.

(a) by (b) to (c) hate (d) while (e) dangerous
3-23. I hate sweets; my brother, …, likes them.

(a) therefore (b) so (c) whenever (d) however (e) whatever
3-24. I'm hungry. … something to eat, please.

(a) I like (b) I'd like (c) I'd want (d) I would (e) I'd
3-25. He … his hand eager to answer.

(a) rose (b) raised (c) lifted (d) increased (e) highlighted
3-26. My grandparents live … a farm.

(a) at (b) in (c) by (d) within (e) on
3-27. I took somebody else’s umbrella by … .

(a) error (b) fortune (c) case (d) incident (e) mistake
3-28. May I … you to the meeting?

(a) company (b) accompany (c) companion (d) campaign (e) accomplish
3-29. This ought to remain … you and me.

(a) among (b) towards (c) between (d) usage (e) talking
3-30. “Alice in Wonderland” was written … Lewis Carroll in 1865.

(a) from (b) of (c) by (d) with (e) at
3-31. Dora is the girl sitting … my left.

(a) on (b) from (c) at (d) in (e) -

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