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Choose the suitable word. Вставьте подходящее слово

2-1. I’ve lost my passport, I can’t find it ... .

(a) where (b) anywhere (c) nowhere (d) everywhere (e) somewhere
2-2. James ... to play football tomorrow.

(a) shall (b) may (c) can (d) will (e) is going
2-3. Ann is good at tennis but Kate is even ... .

(a) too (b) badly (c) better (d) well (e) best
2-4. As we entered her room she ... ready yet.

(a) was (b) wasn't (c) is (d) isn't (e) hasn’t
2-5. I didn't do any shopping this morning as I ... do the housework.

(a) can (b) had to (c) must (d) had (e) needed
2-6. I ... TV when my neighbour came in.

(a) watched (b) watch (c) were watching (d) have watched (e) was watching
2-7. Unless he ... hard he'll fail the exam.

(a) working (b) will work (c) work (d) works (e) is working
2-8. He passed his English exam very … .

(a) simple (b) easy (c) easily (d) simply (e) light
2-9. Have you made supper … ? I'm so hungry!

(a) already (b) now (c) still (d) haven’t you (e) yet
2-10. Mary ... that film.

(a) saw already (b) already seen (c) has already seen (d) already has seen (e) has seen already
2-11. I've been in London ... last Christmas.

(a) since (b) at (c) until (d) off (e) with
2-12. A regular jar is made of … .

(a) glasses (b) a glass (c) the glass (d) glass (e) the glasses
2-13. As they arrived at the station the train ... already left.

(a) had (b) has (c) have (d) was (e) were
2-14. She ... him do the job from the very beginning.

(a) made (b) asked (c) told (d) ordered (e) wanted
2-15. It ... me a quarter of an hour to pass the interview.

(a) needs (b) needed (c) took (d) take (e) need
2-16. Can you wait here until he ... back?

(a) come (b) 'll come (c) comes (d) came (e) coming
2-17. When the text is ready, bring … please.

(a) it me (b) me it (c) it me to (d) to me it (e) it to me
2-18. By the end of the party there was … ice left in the bucket.

(a) no (b) not (c) nothing (d) none (e) nobody
2-19. Quite … pupils were able to spell that word correctly.

(a) little (b) a few (c) a little (d) few (e) some
2-20. Mr Bell has not driven a car ... eight years.

(a) at (b) in (c) during (d) for (e) since
2-21. Someone … a mistake.

(a) did (b) do (c) make (d) made (e) have
2-22. Can you wait here ... he comes back?

(a) as soon as (b) before (c) after (d) for (e) until
2-23. Children should … their beds before they leave for school.

(a) do (b) order (c) coat (d) make (e) correct
2-24. My teacher said I … better on the last exam.

(a) prepared (b) was ready (c) did (d) made (e) red
2-25. This dress looks … small for a 16-year old girl.

(a) better (b) rather (c) for (d) at (e) much
2-26. … certain that the engine has enough water.

(a) Make (b) Become (c) Check (d) Get (e) Do
2-27. We stayed … a beautiful hotel near the sea.

(a) in (b) by (c) – (d) at (e) on
2-28. It can be dangerous when children play … the street.

(a) in (b) by (c) on (d) at (e) inside
2-29. We played soccer … two hours.

(a) during (b) while (c) at (d) – (e) for
2-30. I love to look up at the stars … the sky.

(a) above (b) in (c) at (d) on (e) upon
2-31. I met him … last week at Mary’s party.

(a) during (b) at (c) on (d) in (e) –
2-32. Jenny’s brother is an engineer but he’s out of work … the moment.

(a) at (b) – (c) on (d) in (e) now
2-33. Hurry up! We should leave … five minutes.

(a) after (b) through (c) at (d) in (e) more


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